Vindication for sleepless nights

As an entrepreneur developing IT solutions for a completely new market – REACH regulatory compliance – one has sometimes to make decisions based on a pragmatic outlook and also on a gut feeling.
At Baytouch, we have had to make several such decisions over the last few years as there were no established players in a mature market for us to copy.
During the summer it transpired that we got it right and many others were not as successful, as several of our competitors folded their operations.
ReachCentrum has now had to pick up the baton and in doing so they state several design goals for replacement IT solutions such as ease of use; no sign-up process to access and a pricing model based on the lead registrant fronting the costs and distributing them later to co-registrants through Letter of Access costs.
These were all key features of Baytouch’s original REACHsuite so we feel somewhat vindicated in our approach as ease of use has always been key to the design and processes behind REACHsuite.
I’m very proud that REACHsuite has now become so advanced that the Baytouch team is developing a Version Two due for release in Q1 2011. This will further extend our thought leadership and competitive advantage across the board.
As testimony to our innovation, REACHsuite currently supports over 1000 substances and communicates regularly and efficiently with 100,000+ SIEF contacts making it a substantial player in the 2010 registration marketplace.
With the majority of 100,000 plus substances due to be registered for the 2013/2018 deadlines, REACHsuite provides the safest bet to effectively deliver your SIEF management and communications strategy whilst dramatically reducing your costs.

Malcolm Pollard, managing director of Baytouch Limited, has more than 15 years experience of producing software to support regulatory affairs that meets the requirements of the chemical industry.
In 2006, he had the vision to steer Baytouch towards developing a software solution that would meet the needs of companies needing to comply with the, as then, draft REACH regulation.
Baytouch's success in providing REACH IT solutions is based on its comprehensive understanding of the Regulation, its innovation and the ability to adapt to changing REACH requirements which has resulted in its REACHsuite solution becoming the leading commercial REACH IT for consortium and SIEF management.