The RSC £1million bounty still safe


An article in the Daily Mail on 9th August 2010 looking at the cosmetics industry and products claiming to be chemical free has brought back to the fore the RSC's offer of £1million to to anyone who could present them with a chemical free product.


The RSC's offer was made on Radio 4 in October 2008 after the Advertising Standards Authority defended an advert claiming that a product was 100% chemical free.


30th October 2008: "Dr Neville Reed, a director of the RSC, said today: "I'd be happy to give a million pounds to the first member of the public who could place in my hands any material I consider 100% chemical free.

 "Should anyone do this, we will see thousands of years' worth of knowledge evaporate before our eyes. We would have to tear up the textbooks, burn the degree certificates and retrain the teachers".


The Daily Mail article has lead The Reaction to share some of the best and some of the most ridiculous submissions that the RSC received from those trying to get their hands on the cash.