The Essential Chemical Industry

The new edition of the Essential Chemical Industry (ECI) provides A level students and first year undergraduates with all the information they need about industrial processes and chemicals. This is the fifth edition of this publication which is the CIEC Promoting Science flagship publication.

With over 70 units covering processes, materials and their applications, chemicals, polymers and metals not only are syllabus topics fully covered but many other areas are looked at that the interested student will find fascinating. Each unit has had input from an appropriate industrial expert. The industrial involvement ensures that all the production methods are current, production figures are up-to-date and the uses, by-products and sustainability of each process are described.

The photographs, also provided by the appropriate industry, are able to breathe life into topics that students of this age have rarely come across in their day-to-day lives.

Great care has been taken to make sure the diagrams explain as much as possible about the sometimes complex chemistry involved in production methods. Some of the photographs of industrial sites are labelled to show what process is happening in which part of the plant.

A level students have given it a most enthusiastic reception, “… the use of photographs and the brilliant diagrams really helped me understand how chlorine is produced.”

“There is no other publication on the market which does what “The Essential Chemical Industry” does.  It captures key facts and figures about the chemical industry and presents them in an informative, attractive and accessible way.  Whether you are a teacher or student, this resource is not only the starting point; it is possibly the only place you need to look.”

John Walker, Professional Development Leader, National Science Learning Centre, York

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