Ready to start the journey on reducing your emissions?


Last night Gudrun Cartwright from Business in the Community addressed the audience of the North West Business Leadership Team Forum about two key initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental impact and taking some action against the threat of climate change.

Firstly, companies can join the May Day Network which is a network of businesses at all stages of the low carbon journey. It's a pledge to reduce emissions and companies are helped along a 5 stage journey:

1)      measuring and reporting  your company’s current usage,

2)      managing a reduction i.e. developing ways to reach your goals and resourcing these activities

3)      reducing energy, transport, waste and water

4)      engaging your employees, suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions

5)      transforming your company to be sustainable and adapt to a changing world

If your company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and would like to sign up to the network visit


Secondly, the newly launched START programme is a national initiative by the Prince's Charities Foundation engaging individuals across the UK to lead more sustainable lives and to show what a more energy efficient, cleaner and healthier future could look like. Taking the stance that motivating people to make changes for positive reasons is a better way of doing things than telling them to stop flying/ driving/ consuming. Watch the video to find out more about START and ways you can be involved.

Wednesday 15th September