PPCL Announces UK's First Consultancy Using CVE 

PPCL (http://www.ppcl.com/), formerly Curvaceous Software Limited, the award-winning British technology company, is delighted to announce that Altremis Limited (http://www.altremis.co.uk/) is the UK’s first consultancy exclusively licensed to use its software tool CVE 2.5.

George Forrest, Managing Director, Altremis Limited said: “Multi-variable analysis is used across a wide range of industries to make sense of an organisation’s myths, theories and norms. We use it to solve problems, optimise conditions, challenge supplier specifications and help businesses understand when their processes are at their best and worst.  CVE 2.5 lets our team put data sets together which other software packages just don’t allow, so its ideal for Lean Six Sigma programmes. Central to our approach is the ability to translate data and facts into everyday language and solutions that are easy to understand and buy into. CVE 2.5 is a powerful problem solving tool which is quick and easy to use, consistent and it delivers instant and dramatic results.”

Altremis Limited has already used CVE 2.5 to save companies over £180k a year by assisting organisations with: problem solving; optimisation; trend analysis; gap analysis; sensitivity analysis; linking and overlaying data; and identifying key process variables. Following the analysis, the Altremis team shares its findings with the relevant groups within the organisation who will implement its recommendations and drive change.

Robin Brooks, Managing Director, PPCL added: “CVE 2.5 is proven as a powerful tool used by over 120 blue-chip companies globally and we’re delighted that Altremis Limited will be using CVE 2.5 to help its UK clients across all sectors be the best at what they do all of the time, especially in the current economic climate.”

CVE 2.5 is the fifth major release of PPCL’s Geometric Process Control (GPC) software and is designed to use existing data to deliver significant process improvements. CVE 2.5 makes it possible to analyse vast amounts of data and translate it into a visual form which is easy to understand.