North West Eco-Innovation Client Oaktec to feature on the BBC One Show

Congratulations to Eco-Innovation client Oaktec Ltd, the Lancaster-based start-up company appearing on the BBC’s one show tomorrow night with their Honda Insight Hybrid Rally Car, the world’s first and only currently competing hybrid rally car.

It is estimated that further developments planned by Oaktec could deliver a reduction in fuel consumption of 25%, so with this already successful technology, Oaktec came to the North West Eco-Innovation Programme looking for help to identify suitable partners and sources of funding and support in opening new markets. As a result Oaktec are working on a proposal to develop a second generation of the rally hybrid system featured on the One Show to be trialled in a police patrol car and provide valuable real-world data to help prove the benefits.

"The Eco Innovation Program has been a great help to Oaktec in our search for funding to develop new innovative products for the Low Carbon Automotive sector. Relevant research was carried out by C-Tech Innovation within the program to help identify and analyse potential markets and provide validated statistical information to strengthen our business case. Additional analysis was researched into the environmental benefits of the products we wish to develop and their impact on CO2 reduction. This was very valuable information that greatly strengthened our proposals."

Paul Andrews, Managing Director

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