National Strategy for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry in UK

Chemicals Northwest in conjunction with the CIA, Chemical Sciences Scotland, Chemical Northwest, NEPIC, Humber Chemical Focus and Yorkshire Chemical Focus have written to NW MPs, authorities, and key organisations seeking their support for the CIA national strategy for chemical and pharmaceutical businesses in the UK.

Representing more than 600,000 high quality jobs and a surplus of more than £20 million per day to the UK's balance of trade, the importance of our industry to the economy and society at large cannot be overstated.  Here in the NW, the regions 650 chemicals related businesses generate total annual sales of over £10 billion and employ more than 50,000 people directly.  Chemicals Northwest with our partner chemical bodies is committed to supporting the CIA strategy statement and to working with local MPs and officials to ensure the UK becomes as competitive a location as possible for the businesses and jobs we represent.

For a copy of the national strategy please download the following document



If you have an opportunity via your contacts to promote the needs of our industry and this strategy please do so.