The Long Term Impact of Talent

Anita Caldwell RMG

We’re told the recession is officially over, business is picking up – and more conversations are starting to be had about recruitment. We’re seeing more companies considering recruitment plans with a view to support the upturn and future growth.

Of course, that’s good news for the chemical industry, if plans go forward. But all too often in the recruitment arena, long-term sustainability is neglected in the rush to service immediate needs.

I’m very much of the belief that recruitment needs to take into account the bigger picture, the growth strategy and the natural development of the role.  The chemical industry in particular needs to keep innovating and diversifying to sustain itself – to move quickly and tailor services to changing environments.

It isn’t enough for a candidate to be right for the business now – they need to be right for the business in three years, in five years or even in 10 years.  This is important at every level, and absolutely vital in senior roles, where the position and the person are likely to be a pivotal part of a company in the future.  

Before you even begin a search, you need to think about where your business is going, where this role fits into the strategy and what sort of person will be able to get you there.  As a fundamental part of the business process, you need to consider the business plan and your growth expectations, then employ somebody who can deliver both, growing their role and developing as a leader.

Sustainability is important to the chemical industry in so many ways, and recruitment is no exception.  Thinking ahead will reap dividends for the future growth of a business.

About the Author: Anita Caldwell is a Senior Search Consultant at specialist chemical sector recruitment firm, RMG.

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