Mayday Webinar: How to prepare for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. 11am-12pm, Friday 22 January.

Do you know if your business needs to register for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme? This Mayday webinar can help you prepare ...

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (previously the Carbon Reduction Commitment) starts on 1 April 2010.
CRC participation is determined by 2008 electricity consumption. Any organisation with a 'settled half-hourly electricity meter' will have to provide the Environment Agency with information about how much half hourly metered electricity it uses.  There are financial and reputational implications for participants including penalties and a public performance league table. *
This free webinar, hosted by 2degrees will explain which businesses will be affected by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. In addition, it will outline what action they should take in the run-up to April 2010 and beyond, to ensure successful carbon reduction as well as compliance.
Shayne Rees, Marketing and Communications Manager, EDF Energy
Andrew Hitchings, CRC Project Executive, Environment Agency
By participating in the webinar you will hear expert advice from the official CRC support organisation, the Environment Agency and EDF Energy, one of The Prince's Mayday Network sponsors.
There will also be opportunity to ask questions specific to your own business.
You will gain a better understanding on the requirements of your business under the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme and what action you will need to take in April 2010 in order to avoid a financial penalty.
* Organisations that used at least 6,000MWh during 2008 (roughly equating to a bill of £500,000 per year), will need to register for CRC as a Participant. 
* If the amount was less than 6,000MWh in 2008, the Environment Agency must be told, but no further action is required. These organisations will need to make an Information Disclosure during the CRC registration period.

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