Happy 30th Birthday France Line!

Manchester based France Line International Transport Ltd are celebrating 30 years of experience and expertise. The dynamic and successful trailer operator and freight forwarder, who specialise in road haulage from the UK to France, was set up in 1980 by four French medium-sized and family run hauliers, with the primary aim of back-loading their trailers into France. However, the all female company quickly developed a freight forwarding activity and established long standing partnerships with a number of carefully selected and monitored French, English and European hauliers, in order to service its expanding customer base. Today, with its network of contacts, depots and agents, the French Road Freight Specialist provides door to door full loads and part loads services into any areas of France for any retail, commercial and industrial cargo.

The company’s loyal client base comprises mainly English and French manufacturing companies who recognise that the tangible commercial benefits and added values provided by France Line help them increase their competitiveness. France Line also works with a number of larger and European-pan freight forwarders who use its services to diversify and strengthen their own services to France.


Customer service: a philosophy

On its conception, the company adopted the mission statement “On time with France Line, every time”. According to Marie Boyer, Manager of France Line for the past 10 years, it is as true today as when it began trading. “We built our reputation by providing a reliable and professional service, at a competitive price and with a smile. Problems can and will sometimes happen, but we deal with them quickly and efficiently, and keep everyone involved informed and satisfied. Good communication and us employing a bilingual team committed to customer service are the main keys to our success and longevity”.