Germany - looking for a UK supplier of Raw Materials For Surfactants

A major German chemical distribution company seeks renewable raw materials for surface-active agents, fulfilling requirements for Nordic and EC Ecolabeling.

A major German chemical distributor is interested in identifying a capable supplier of natural, renewable basic materials for surface active agents. These raw materials should fulfill the standards of the Nordic and EC Ecolabeling and should be biodegradable and stable in a wide pH-range. The application for these materials could be laundry and dish detergents as well as surface cleaning (floor, cars, plastics etc.)

Ideal Surfactant Properties:

    * Rapid wetting of dirt and surfaces
    * High grease dissolving power
    * Foam height variable depending on concentration of the surface active ingredient
    * Good dispersing capacity for dust particles
    * Small contact angle on the surface
    * Easily biodegradable
    * pH stable in a wide area


    * Alkylpolyglucoside
    * N-Methylglucamide, Sorbitan ester, Sucrose ester, Methylglycoside ester
    * Sophorose lipids, Rhamnose lipids, Trehalose lipids, glycosyldiglyceride, Lipopolysaccharide
    * Surface active fatty acids, hydroxycarboxylic acid
    * Gluconamide
    * Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate or Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate

The company sources globally and serves most major branches of the chemical industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland plus Scandinavia and selected Eastern European countries. It is aiming for long term supplier relationships and has served many of their suppliers, well known chemical manufacturers, for decades.

Tender deadline: 30/04/2012

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