German chemical company looking for scale up services and manufacturer for specialty chemical


A large German chemical company, world leading in specialty chemicals, is looking for partners with facilities to scale up a high pressure/temperature reaction for the manufacturing of a speciality chemical.The company intends to outsource scaling up and the production of the desired salt compound and is therefore looking for a tech-partner to run this pilot production. They expect to produce several hundred tons of sodium salt in 2018and up to several thousand tons within five years. They intend to cooperate under a joint venture, manufacturing and services agreement. The overall chemical procedure involves an aqueous solution of reagent A that is reacted with an aqueous solution of reagent B in excess at a pressure of 200 bar and a temperatures of 275-300°C in order to form a sodium salt in aqueous solution.The excess of reagent B has to be removed from the product solution and to be recycled in the process. The product solution is then concentrated up to the desired concentration of sodium salt aqueous solution. The requested partner company must dispose of a premixing vessel for scale up and a suitable tube reactor with pumps for the reaction. Furthermore, a good storage and handling of reagents, stripping and recycling of reagents and a concentrator apparatus for the desired product are prerequisite.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought      

Expert/ company in high pressure equipment in the liquid phase with proven track record. Technical Requirements:

·        Premixing Vessel for scale up

·        200 bar and 300 °C tube reactor with suitable pumps for the reaction

·        Good storage and handling of reagents (highly flammable and toxic)

·        Stripping and recycling of reagent(s) i.e.absorption columns and concentration apparatus

·        Concentrator apparatus for the desired product

·        Production capacity for several hundred tons per year

·        Ability to scale up to several thousand tons a year in the next five years

Type and Role of Partner Sought            

The German chemical specialist is looking for a company from chemical industry who is able to produce several hundred tons of sodium salt Cin 2018 and able to scale up its production to several thousand tons within five years. Type of Partnership Considered are Joint venture agreement,Manufacturing agreement and/ or Services agreement.