Funding Calls - METRC Short Term Project Funding

METRC - The N8 Molecular Engineering Translational Research Centre has short Term Project Funding available for companies based in the North West. This funding is designed to support small research projects to explore the feasibility of innovative new products and processes available. Funds of up to £10K per project are available to pay for research projects between North of England based companies and universities from the North.

Funding is available to support collaborative projects between METRC's academic members and industry partners.

There are 3 levels of funding are available:

  1. £3,000 with no matched funding from the industrial partners required

  2. £7,000 with matched funding of £7,000 from industrial partners

  3. £10,000 with matched funding of £7,000 from industrial partners

The matched funding from industry can be cash or in-kind. To be eligible for this funding, the industrial partner must be based in the north of England. All METRC funding must be spent by 31 March 2011.

The funding can be used flexibly at the METRC academic institutions on a range of activities such as project consumables, paying for researchers or some limited consultancy work.

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