Funded, 3-Year R&D Opportunities for Businesses

Does your business have an unresolved environmental issue, or need to develop new environmental products and services?
Are you constrained by limited resources or the costs of traditional R&D?
Are you able to work with us to outline a challenging project before mid-October?

The Lancaster Environment Centre can enable you to access funded PhD studentships to address your issues.

Current priority areas for funding are:

• Water.
• Energy.
• Food and Agriculture.
• Resource Management (minerals, forestry, waste etc).
• Financial Services (risk management and valuation including insurance).
• Environmental Monitoring.

The 2010 deadline will be 14 October.

To participate, you will need to provide a total of £6,000 over 3 years, in return for over £68,000 from the Natural Environment Research Council.

Good projects should be focused, achievable and provide a range of training opportunities for the student.

Academic rigour to challenge the student and allow them to develop solutions to real problems is also important, as a 3-18 month placement with you.

Projects receive thorough academic supervision, are supported by a £35 million 300+ researcher facility and are jointly managed with you.

Besides developing new products or services and gaining a graduate dedicated to your project over 3 years, benefits to you include access to:

•   Our expertise and ideas
•   New graduates
•   Intelligence on competitors through literature searches
•   Our extensive facilities
•   Scientific publications

For more information contact:
Chris Holroyd

01524 510228