Edelchemie starts construction of a new treatment plant in Cheshire

Edelchemie, the specialist waste recycling company has started construction of a new treatment plant in Cheshire.

Since 1994, the Company develops and operates bespoke recycling solutions for the recovery of metals, ammonia and other components from a wide variety of industrial residues and byproducts for clients ranging from small SME's to blue chip company's such as Johnson Matthey and Shell. 

As a result of stricter Environmental Regulations, higher disposal rates and commodity prices, Edelchemie has seen demand for its services soar as it offers longterm sustainable and cost effective alternatives to traditional disposal by realising value from recovered commodities for its clients.

To meet this increased demand, the Company purchased 4.5 acres at the location of a former ICI site at Lostock in Northwich in late 2008.

After obtaining the relevant planning permissions and Environmental Permit, Edelchemie has now started building works on its 3.2 million pound development. When completed, the 15,000 tpa plant will provide additional treatment capacity and -processes including hydro-metallurgical treatments, metal smelting and electrolytic refining for the production of non-ferro metals such as copper, nickel, tin, cobalt and molybdenum.

Edelchemie anticipates to start production at Lostock in July 2010 and is considering the future options for its permitted treatment/transfer facility in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. These include the full surrender of its current permit and transfer to an interested third party waste company. The majority of its staff is re-locating with the Company to Lostock where it will create around 25 further jobs within its production, sales and admin departments and has now started the recruitment process to fill these vacancies.

For more information, please call 01858 - 469 001 or visit www.edelchemie.com