Do you have any old mobile phones?

Foundation is looking to roll out a collection system for old mobile phones to create income for local projects in your area. Foundation are in negotiations with a couple of retail companies around setting up collection points through out the region, and are now looking to gain the support of employers within the region by asking them to promote this to their employees and act as a collector.

Foundation, a climate fund for the Northwest has partnered with a Northwest based organisation called SHP for Charity. ShP are leaders in the UK mobile phone recycling market committed to providing excellence at every stage of the recycle process.

ShP for Charity allows domestic and commercial mobile phone owners in the UK to recycle old redundant handsets to raise money for their chosen charity and receive a financial reward in the process.

The service is FREE, quick, simple and environmentally friendly. With over an estimated 80 million redundant mobile phones in the UK currently, there has never been a better time to recycle your old mobile phones to help local community and residential projects in your region.  

The process is simple, you donate your hand set to Foundation through your employer, at collection points across the Northwest or you can send them direct to SHP. They will then recondition the phone to ensure that the SIM card and mobile phone data is erased. They restore the factory settings and once reconditioned these are then sold to developing markets and shipped. All phones that aren’t reconditioned are recycled.

Foundation is a climate fund for England’s Northwest. We raise money by collecting donations from businesses and individuals and use them to fund creative carbon reduction projects in communities across the region. 

They are a local alternative to carbon offset. By compensating for your unavoidable carbon emissions with a donation to Foundation you can support carbon-saving projects in your community. It’s a massive bonus for the region and we are the only organisation that can make it happen.

Since our launch in April 2009 they have invested over £380,000 and the projects we’ve supported are on target to save 10,617 tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent of heating over 2900 homes for a year, driving around the world 1355 times, or powering Blackpool illuminations for 46 years! This does not include the 10 pilot projects funded in early 2009.

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