Criteria for Support of Knowledge Transfer Partnership Projects April 2011

The Technology Strategy Board

The Technology Strategy Board’s objective is the acceleration of sustainable UK economic growth through the commercialisation of science, technology and new ideas.  The Board’s new strategic plan covering the period 2011-2015, and in which this objective will be described in greater detail, is due to be published in April 2011.   The Technology Strategy Board works in partnership with the Research Councils, the Devolved Administrations, Regional Development Agencies and UK Government Departments, through aligned funding in key areas.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Technology Strategy Board’s priority with regard to Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is to fund projects which demonstrate the potential for a high level of innovation, economic and/or societal impact, as well as challenge for all the participants.

Knowledge Base Organisations
The knowledge base partner in a KTP project should be the most appropriate to meet the business or organisational need.

The HEFCE research rating of a higher education establishment’s academic department will not be a factor in assessing whether the Technology Strategy Board will support a KTP project.   The Board is therefore prepared to consider funding KTP proposals involving HEIs and FEIs (teaching to at least NVQ Level 4), as well as public and private sector research and technology organisations (RTOs) which satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Business Size and Characteristics

The Technology Strategy Board wishes to focus its funding primarily on supporting SMEs and third sector organisations across the UK, and particularly those which show high growth potential.  Participation in KTP by large companies (and organisations) will be conditional upon them demonstrating how they propose to draw in and facilitate the involvement of supply chain companies, particularly SMEs.  For public sector and third sector organisations, these may be delivery partners or organisations similar to themselves elsewhere in the UK.

Technologies, Disciplines and Subject Areas

The Technology Strategy Board’s core funding for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships will not be restricted to any specific business sectors or technologies, and will continue to be used in a way that is responsive to the needs of businesses and organisations across the UK.

In order to further increase the number of business led, technology-based KTPs involving knowledge transfer within its priority areas, the Technology Strategy Board will, from time-to-time, seek to stimulate participation through a series of targeted ‘calls’ for proposals. These ‘calls’ will be additional to the Board’s core funding for KTP and will be publicised through the KTP, KTN and Technology Strategy Board websites, as well as directly to the KTP stakeholder community.  Strategies for each of the Board’s priority areas can be found on its website at

Shared funding / sole funding

The Board seeks to share funding with other public sector organisations, but is prepared to sole fund projects which demonstrate a sufficiently high potential for innovation, economic and/or societal impact and challenge for all the participants.