CRC - The Final Countdown


Whilst August may be a quiet time for some in industry, if your company hasn't checked that its Carbon Reduction Commitments have been met, it's definitely time to move action up a gear or two.

The deadline for registration may not be until 30th September, but with a 2-4 week processing time required at the Environment Agency in advance of registration being complete, you may have significantly less time than you think to submit your information. Consequently, consultants PwC are recommending that companies get their registration in by 2nd September.

The consequences of a late registration are an immediate fine of £5,000, followed by an additional charge of £500 for each day after the deadline, up to a maximum of £45,000.

Full details of the requirements and registration system are available through the EA site here: 

Given the likely surge in applications over the next few weeks, the EA have also set up a dedicated helpdesk:

Email: or phone 08708 506 506