CRC - Complicated Revised Confusion


For those of you 'lucky' enough to have a half-hourly electricity meter, you can't have failed to have been astounded at the bureaucracy involved in either registering for inclusion in, or exemption from, the new CRC energy efficiency scheme this year.

At least the scheme offered some hope though, that if you really excelled at reducing your energy usage, revenue recycling could actually mean more profit for your business (beyond the savings already made from your lower energy bills).

Unfortunately, hidden away in the depths of the Comprehensive Spending Review was the news that this "carrot" element was to be no more - hence, many commentators were up in arms that CRC was now to be an energy "stealth tax".

With this in mind, Chris Huhne's speech at the CBI Climate Change conference this week was greatly anticipated. The full speech can be read here, but it's clear that there is going to be no backtrack on the revenue recycling, only a delay in the second phase to allow more time for consultation.

Consequently, if you have come through the past few weeks with some strong views on the scheme, not least on how it can be simplified for those exempt, we'd encourage you to contribute to the consultation, which is open until 17th December.
Further information on this is available through the DECC website:

If you have views for the consultation but would like them to be submitted through a general Chemicals Northwest response, please contact (note, expletives may have to be paraphrased...!)