Contractors in the North West can build a greener reputation with help from Envirowise

Construction contractors in the North West can find out how to improve the support they give to their clients on sustainable building options, thanks to a new guide from resource efficiency experts Envirowise.

The guide, ‘Constructing the case for building sustainability: helping you to help your customer’ is available to download free of charge here. It will help contractors to better anticipate client demands and specifications by breaking down the key areas where sustainable practices can be implemented.

The guide provides advice on:

•choosing the right materials for the job

•improving water efficiency on site

•incorporating energy efficient features into a build

•minimising waste wherever possible

•using transport more efficiently.

The financial benefits of sustainable construction can also add up substantially for both contractor and client.  For example, a running 25 mm hose can waste water worth around £1 per hour, and reducing energy use in a building by 20% could add the same amount to a client’s profits as a 5% increase in sales.

Nick Ward, Envirowise Regional Manager for the North West, explained: “Sustainable practices are already high on the business agenda and clients are increasingly expecting a level of expertise from their contractors which includes the ability to offer guidance on materials and practices.

“This guide offers food for thought for the region’s 29,000-plus construction businesses, whether their primary business is refurbishment to existing building stock or new builds.  Being in a position to offer advice to clients on this topic will help construction businesses to stand out from the crowd and begin to establish a track record for sustainable construction.”

To download the new guide free of charge, visit this site. For further advice on achieving cost savings through resource efficiency visit the website or call the Envirowise Advice Line on 0800 585794.

From April 2010, Envirowise services will become part of a ‘one-stop-shop’ managed by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) giving businesses a single port of call for all matters relating to resource efficiency.

More information on WRAP is available at