Schools Give CCI a Glowing Report

Children on a CCI site visitThe Children Challenging Industry programme, supported in the North West by Chemicals NW continues to go from strength to strength. 

The scheme aims to create enthusiasm for learning science amongst primary school children (mainly Years 5 and 6) by providing classroom-based training for the teaching of the National Curriculum for Science.

This, and visits to local science-based manufacturing companies, enables pupils to see how the science they learn at school is used in a 'real life' context. 

Its success is in no small part due to the site visits and the enthusiastic support of the NW chemical industry in providing inspiring visits for the pupils – so a big thank you to all of you who are involved with the programme.

The feedback we receive from both teachers and children demonstrates the value of the programme and the vital part it plays in raising the profile of science and the chemical industry with both primary school teachers and pupils at an impressionable age.

But don’t just take our word for it, below is some recent feedback on the CCI programme from both teachers and pupils:

“You have revitalised science at Hunts Cross. The teachers came to the staff meeting last Thursday tired (it was the second staff meeting in 2 days) and not knowing what to expect. SATs had taken all the fun out of science.

“Within a very short space of time, the teachers were bubbling with enthusiasm about the variety of stimuli for investigations, the practical activities and the wealth of resources available. As you are aware, they are very keen for you to return to Hunts Cross to deliver further staff training in the autumn term.

“Putting investigations into context is crucial. Linking them to industry has so many benefits, giving the children further insight into the world of work and raising their own personal expectations. Thank you for involving us in CCI.”

Judy Jackson, head teacher, Hunts Cross Primary School, Liverpool

“It was great to have somebody come in and link science into real life contexts, using industry - I've never really looked at it from that angle before and it made it so much more meaningful for me and in turn the children. You gave great practical examples of how to apply lots of different aspects of science into the real world. Thank you!”

Mona Ketergi, class teacher, Cheetham CE Community Primary School, Manchester

“I enjoyed the factory because I liked looking at the equipment and labs. I enjoyed every bit of the topic and I am now extremely keen on being a scientist and working in industry!”

James, Y6, Simonstone St Peter’s CE Primary School, nr Burnley

“I most enjoyed experiencing how cleaning products are made at the factory. The experience was great and everyone was friendly. How the cleaning products were made was amazing!”

Nina, Y5, Simonstone St Peter’s CE Primary School, nr Burnley

“I most enjoyed going to Solvay (Lostock) and learning from it. I like trying new things and new challenges.”

Gareth, Y6, St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Middlewich