Call goes out for £3.8m project

Businesses in Lancashire are being urged to take part in the £3.8m Innovation for Growth project, managed by Lancaster University Management School.

The scheme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and was set up to boost management and innovation in small companies to help them develop better products and processes.

It launched in March 2010 and has two years left to run. Lancaster University Management School hopes the initiative can help 300 businesses.

Helen Fogg, project manager from Lancaster University Management School, said: “Innovation for Growth will drive sustainable innovation within 300 regional businesses.

“The focus is predominantly on priority sectors, through the delivery of a tailored programme of in-depth knowledge exchange and support delivered by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development.”

She said companies participating in Innovation for Growth will get help creating and implementing growth plans and improving their business through management workshops.

Topics for this summer include; harnessing collaborative software and social media for innovation, developing a people and HR strategy, innovation through improved service design and managing the innovative family business.

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