Byotrol moves R&D from Germany to Daresbury

Byotrol Plc (AIM: BYOT) has relocated its research and development to the Innovations Technology Access Centre (I-TAC) at Daresbury Laboratory.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), which runs the centre, said the Manchester-based biocide maker was the first long-term tenant at the new I-TAC following the recent relocation of their principle microbiology R&D operations from Erlangen in Germany to the North West.

STFC said I-TAC offers flexible and affordable access to £3m of cutting-edge scientific equipment in 16 fully-equipped biological, imaging, materials and physical science laboratories.

Businesses can lease their own exclusive-use, "lock and leave" laboratories or hire multi-user laboratories on an hourly basis.

Byotrol, whose patented technology is used in sprays, mousses and wipes and has been shown to reduce hospital infections such as MRSA, will be using the laboratories at I-TAC to develop products for the healthcare, food production, animal welfare and consumer markets.

Stephen Falder, Byotrol's founder and deputy chairman, said: “We are pleased to have centred our R&D base at the Innovations Technology Access Centre. Moving to the laboratory at Daresbury has given access to a wide range of equipment and specialists as well as putting us into a number of innovation networks and fostering the working in partnership with experts at STFC. All of this is aimed at achieving our goal of increasing our capacity to find a whole range of new and valuable uses for the technology.’’

Chief Executive of STFC Keith Mason added: “This is fantastic news for the new Centre. Byotrol is a growing and very innovative company and I am delighted to be able to work with them. The Innovations Technology Access Centre aims to make it easier for firms to carry out the research which is much needed to enable them to thrive in a competitive and increasingly global business environment. I hope by working alongside STFC’s scientists, academic and other companies based at Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, Byotrol are able to really make their mark with their revolutionary technology.”