Industrial biotechnology - advance notice of TSB competition for funding

An FP7 KBBE call is currently open, click here for details

This call includes under industrial biotechnology:

·         Robust and novel biocatalysts for industrial applications

·         Biotechnology for 'greening' the chemical industry – Industrial bioprocesses for fine and speciality chemicals and intermediates

In October this year there will be Competition for Industrial Biotechnology. It is being run by the Technology Strategy Board on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The "High Value Chemicals" competition is part of the Government's New Industry New Jobs initiative and is offering a total of £2.5 million for UK company-led projects.

The competition will support projects of less than one year looking at how industrial biotechnology can be applied to the production of high value chemicals, platform chemicals or novel bio-based chemicals. The development of new biofuels is not within scope unless part of a multi-product project.

More information and details of the competition will be available soon on  and and through the FROPTOP group.