Envirolink Northwest invites the world to join forces for environmental research

Envirolink Northwest has opened the door to a world of research possibilities in the area of recycling and waste by establishing an international research network to encourage interaction and to share ideas and resources.

The International Collaborative Research Network (ICR) was founded by Envirolink Northwest following a visit from representatives of the University of Hiroshima in January 2009. Its founding members include a group of North West universities and businesses along with international organisations such as Hiroshima University of Japan and Aachen University.

Dr Hifzi Naji of Envirolink Northwest is leading on the project and pursued a vision to establish a group that would widen global research capabilities, generate new research ideas, extend a collective knowledge base and open the international market in the North West. The result was the creation of the ICR, which had its first meeting in October 2009 with ten founding members, including all research universities in the region, United Utilities as well as Hiroshima University and Aachen University.

Benefits of the network are vast and include opening up opportunities for regional businesses on a global scale, establishing good links between universities and the international research and development community, accessing the research and development facilities of member universities and businesses worldwide and progressing technologies with input from a wide pool of international research and development institutions.

Dr Naji says: “The creation of this international research group means that there will be almost limitless research facilities for member organisations and the opportunities for development are hugely increased by pooling our resources and knowledge.

“We hope to develop this concept further by showcasing a successful project that has been the result of the network as we’re confident this will prove a tremendous benefit to the North West and will eventually bring inward investment and provide export opportunities for companies in the region.

“The group is open to any research and development organisation and we welcome new members to expand the existing possibilities”.

Envirolink Northwest will manage the network in the first year and group status and management will be decided by the steering group thereafter. Network membership is open to all research institutes and businesses worldwide who are willing to actively support the network and engage in collaborative research in environmental technology.

The next meeting will take place in Manchester on January 28 2010. For more information or and organisations keen to join please contact Dr Hifzi Naji on 01925 856038 or email h.naji@envirolinknorthwest.co.uk