Swagelok Manchester

About Swagelok Manchester

Swagelok Manchester is an Authorised Distributor of Swagelok products and services, providing solutions for a variety of application needs with our product range over 7000 fluid systems components including:

* Fittings
* Hose and flexible tubing
* Filters
* Valves
* Quick Connects
* Regulators
* Leak detectors, Lubricants and sealants
* Measurement devices
* Miniature Modular Systems
* Pre-Engineered Subsystems
* Sample Cylinders
* Tubing and Tube Accessories
* Welding Systems

Our products are available in various materials, pressures and sizes, with over 400 patents in force and pending worldwide, ensuring we have the specific fluid solutions to meet your needs. Alongside our innovative products and technologies, we provide the practical information, know-how, tools, and specialty services needed to purchase, manage and apply them successfully. We pride ourselves on providing high levels of service and product integrity driven by our customers? needs, which is why we offer:

* Limited life product guarantee
* Over 7000 products available with 2500 for next day delivery
* Energy emission surveys
* Fabrication & sub-assembly service
* Technical support
* Service Centre
* Tailor made training programmes
* Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation Training
* ASME Weld Training Courses
* PASS Training

If fluid systems are vital to your business or to process operation, product quality, operating safety, or environmental compliance, our professionals can help.


Swagelok Manchester
205 Cavendish Place
Birchwood Park

Tel: 01925822662

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