Incorez Limited

About Incorez Limited

Incorez Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist resins and polymers - excelling in the development of high performance, low hazard materials,particularly waterborne and high solids systems.

Incorez is also a global leader in oxazolidine chemistry, manufacturing a diverse range of products marketed under the Incozol® umbrella. The Incozol® range has been widely adopted in 1K and 2K polyurethane coatings, as well as 1K pu sealants, where they operate as moisture scavengers, reactive diluents and curing agents.

In addition, the company is a global partner in waterborne, low hazard technology, manufacturing a wide range of waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersions and an extensive range of waterborne epoxy curing agents. These materials, marketed under the Incorez® brand, are used extensively in high performance coatings across a broad spectrum of applications.


Incorez Limited
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Tel: 01772-201964

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