About CRR Ltd

CRR Ltd provides Sales and Marketing services in the specialist gas and gas handling sector.
CRR works with leading manufacturers and suppliers of specialist pure gases, calibration gas mixtures, gas handling equipment and related products.

CRR is the UK & Ireland agent for Gerling Holz. GHC (Gerling Holz) founded in 1904, is a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of special gases with 6 production plants in Germany, supplying products worldwide. GHC offer an extensive range of gases, refrigerants and equipment. The emphasis is on quality, responsiveness and reliability.

In the UK GHC products are generally liquefied gases (not cryogenic) that will vaporise to form a gas or can be taken off in their liquid state. Gases are typically provided in conventional cylinders of varying sizes from 1 to 128l or higher capacity drums up to 990l water capacity. Uniquely, vessels including larger drums are certified and tested in house to ensure optimum internal condition and product purity.

Gases offered include the following products:
Ammonia / Boron Trichloride / Boron Trifluoride / Carbonyl dichloride / Chlorine / Various Amines
Hydrocarbons, Iso butane, Propane etc ( inc High purity grades) / Dinitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4)
Ethyl Chloride / Ethylene Oxide / Hydrogen Chloride / Hydrogen Sulphide / Methyl Chloride / Sulphur Dioxide, & Vinyl Chloride
CRR can provide Calibration Gas Mixtures in 1l to 20l water capacity cylinders
In addition to Gases, GHC offer a few specialist non gaseous products as follows:
Oxalyl Chloride / Antifrogen N, L, KF & SOL frost and anti corrosion protective products

CRR has recently become the UK distributor for Hornung Gmbh.
Hornung offer an extensive range of German engineered, high precision gas pressure regulators and control equipment.


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