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About Avanti Environmental Group

Avanti is one of the UK's largest environmental management companies

Under the Total Environmental Management concepts we work directly with our customers in order to examine and map all waste types in order to promote recycling, re-use and re-processing opportunities.

From this base point, using our extensive technical knowledge and experience, we can then develop targeted solutions to suit our customer's requirements including; recycling, reprocessing and treatment. This is typically supported by locating a skilled member of our environmental management team directly to our customer's facility.

Under these agreements, our customers see significant savings on waste management charges without incurring material overhead increases. We provide an innovative balance to the demands of sustainability coupled with cost effective environmental management solutions. Sustainable solutions we offer include;

Reprocessing, Recovery and Re-use
Packaging Recycling and Re-use
On-site Waste Treatment
Aerosol Reprocessing

Focusing on sustainable policies of re-use and re-processing, we now lead the environmental management industry by embracing new technologies and innovative environmental solutions.

Avanti will always endeavour to offer sustainable recycling, reprocessing or re-use options in contrast to direct disposal.

We can supply all your packaging and labelling requirements to ensure strict compliance with current regulations.

We also offer identification and classification of drummed waste material, including liquids, solids and distillation residues, and the collection and treatment of laboratory smalls.

We operate a range of transport options including vans, HIAB, flat decks, ADR PETReg tankers and curtain sided vehicles suitable for the transportation of laboratory smalls, drums, IBCs and bulk waste. One of the most successful services we offer is direct support to customers under our Total Environmental Management initiative.


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