Young Statisticians

30 March 2010, - 31st March 2010

The Young Statisticians' Meeting (YSM) is an annual event specifically designed for career young statisticians, organised by career young statisticians. If you are in the early years of your statistical career (first 10 years) or currently studying for a PhD, MSc or BSc in statistics then YSM 2009 offers an excellent opportunity to network amongst your peers, present your own research in a friendly atmosphere and discover a variety of other statistical topics currently being researched.

The conference attracts and welcomes a wide range of statistical topics. Topics presented at previous Young Statisticians' Meetings include:
Mathematical modelling, Bayesian regression, issues surrounding the collection of official statistics, longitudinal studies, survival analysis, case-control studies, clinical trials, time series, multilevel modelling, bootstrapping, stochastic simulation, stochastic processes, sample size determination and many more!

Location: Liverpool  
Event Programme