Whole life costing and productivity improvement workshops

8th July, Salford - 9am

In the past, many construction clients have been obsessed with the need to find design solutions that result in the lowest capital or initial costs. Nowadays however, there is increasing pressure to consider not only capital costs, but whole life costs, including the cost of maintenance, operation and eventual demolition or disposal.

This pressure comes from a number of sources: from Government, which places a statutory requirement on all public bodies to procure “solely on the basis of best value for money in terms of whole life costs”; from PFI contracts, and from those clients who have the good sense to realise that choosing a cheaper solution today may very well end up costing them more tomorrow.

Drawing on our experience of whole life costing for PFI projects, our workshop will provide an introduction to whole life costing including the new British standard ISO 15686-5: Life cycle costing. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a ‘hands on’ demonstration of our desktop application Whole Life Cost Evaluator which facilitates the calculation and application of whole life costs for any asset.

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