The Nanotechnology Advances for Plastics Electronics Workshop @ S2K

June 21 2011, The University of Surrey, Guildford

Advances in nanotechnology are moving hand in hand with applications for plastic electronics. There is a growing list of examples that help realise electronics based on novel material formulations, used in a wide range of applications, making new devices and performance improvements possible.

These include:

Hybrid Logic & Memory: A recent study has shown silver nanoparticle can improve performance of organic transistors.

Carbon Nanotubes in Smart Textiles: Nanotechnologists have developed conducting fabrics that can survive a washing, cutting costs and improving performance.

Disease and Bacteria Detection: A new form of nanotechnology based infectious disease detection system has been developed with the capability to distinguish between different flu strains within seconds.

Solar Cell Technologies: Nano-sized particles are being used in emerging solar cell technologies, such as dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with a“pop-corn” morphology.

Graphene in Solar Cells: Using graphene in substitute for ITO by "Doping" the graphene changed the way it behaves, allowing it to bond tightly also improved the material's electrical conductivity.

Barrier Layers: Defects on plastic substrates cause a ‘pore effect’ that shortens lifetime in some areas of plastic electronics, a new approach to resolve this issue is by literally plugging the defects in the barrier oxide films using nanoparticles.

This workshop will highlight and illustrate how the advances of Nanotechnologies are being employed to make plastic electronics more viable with practical examples and evidence from our line up of speakers.

The target audience for the workshop includes: all technologists, companies and individuals who are involved in nanotechnology, plastic electronics or indeed the manufacture of novel devices or processes.

To register and for further information please call 0131 650 7815 or email or visit 

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