Technologies and Suppliers for Low Carbon Vehicles

Date: 03 November 2009

NAA Innovation Network/SMMT Foresight Vehicle Group/Low Carbon KTN.

We are delighted to invite you to the Technologies and Suppliers for Low Carbon Vehicles event which will take place at the Partnership for Learning in Halewood, Liverpool on 3rd November 2009. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ Foresight Vehicle Programme, The National Low Carbon Knowledge Transfer Network together with the Northwest Automotive Alliance are promoting the Northwest Research & Development capabilities for low carbon vehicles on a national level.

The Foresight Vehicle Programme is the UK's prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry. The Foresight Vehicle programme has generated over 100 individual projects, which have delivered a wide range of advances in manufacturing processes and product concepts. These breakthroughs are destined to shape tomorrow's vehicles as well as influence technological trends in transport systems and road networks of the future.

Location: PfL Halewood, Liverpool