STFC event: European Space Agency Technology Transfer Programme Showcase

Date: Tuesday 17th May 2011

Time: 9.30-15.30

Location: The Atrium, Daresbury Laboratory

The ESA Technology Transfer Programme Technology Showcase will allow you to learn more about the possibilities that are opened up to you through a selection of different space technologies and Industry Challenges.

Topics from a wide range of speakers include:

  • challenges in aerospace engineering
  • biomimetic wood wasp inspired drill
  • efficient motion synthesis
  • space robotics in healthcare
  • compact space coolers and cryogenics
  • autonomous and automated software systems
  • introductions to ESA and the UK Space Agency

Registration:  Register now to attend, and download the day's full programme. The showcase is a free event but you need to register no later than the 15th May 2011 due to limited spaces. If you have any queries, please contact Leo-Jay Black on 01235 445 501 or email 

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