Safety, Health & Environment Seminar

14 September 2010 - Manchester
Whether we choose to use the phrase CSR, Sustainability or are just going about building a business that will last, we are in fact discussing a complex issue that many organisations see not as a separate strategic initiative, but something to be fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company.

In the past, some executives viewed corporate social responsibility (CSR) as just another passing fad. But as customers, employees, and suppliers place increasing importance on CSR, many have started to look at it as a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen their businesses, their brands and their market proposition. For others, a visible and authentic commitment to sustainability is part of a need to regain the trust from key stakeholders that was damaged by the recent global financial crisis.

Regardless of the motivations, for these organisations the challenge is how to set the agenda in context and better incorporate sustainability into daily business practice.

Mason Hardy will provide insights into -

■Placing CSR into context -how to line up CSR with the main business agenda, why this is important and how to ensure a focus on issues of material risk and opportunity.
■Bringing CSR into the mainstream - how does the CSR agenda connect to changing legislative drivers, impact upon the market and link to building a sustainable business that delivers enduring value.
■Ensuring effective delivery - what does good look like, how do you implement it and can it be measured?

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