Receiving an Extended Safety Data Sheet: How to deal with Exposure Scenarios for Chemical Users

15 November, Etrop Grange Hotel, Manchester, M90 4EG

Everyone handling hazardous chemicals will already be familiar with the safety data sheet (SDS). However, under REACH, the requirements for SDS have changed. You should now be receiving extended SDS for hazardous substances that have been registered in your supply chain at 10 tonnes or more per year. The new annex to the SDS contains exposure scenarios (ES) relevant to the identified uses of you and other downstream customers.

During this one-day workshop delegates will learn about the practical steps they need to take when they receive an extended Safety Data Sheet. Topics covered will include:

·        Understand what exposure scenarios contain and why

·        Learn how to interpret a supplier’s exposure scenario and pass on information to your customers

·        Explore ways to demonstrate safe use where your conditions of use differ from the supplier’s exposure scenario

·        Recognise and implement appropriate risk management measures to protect your workers and the environment

To do this we will use a combination of teaching and practical demonstrations. We have an informal style so there will be plenty of opportunity to quiz our experts throughout the day.  


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