Microsoft event: Cloud computing as an enabler for SME innovation 

Friday 17th June 2011, 10:00-10:45

Location: Presentation Suite, Daresbury Innovation Centre

Presenter: Lee Stott and Miles Deegan

The advent of cloud computing is leading to a fundamental shift in the IT industry, and not just in terms of the technology but the economics for vendors and end-users alike. This transition will lead to new opportunities in the SME area in particular as businesses gain access to compute power that would previously not have been possible. The key challenge for vendors is the development of software that will harness these resources and deliver value to end-users in terms of ease of use as well as the economics.

The presentation will cover Microsoft's activities in the area of cloud computing (the Windows Azure platform) and in particular look at how this technology can be exploited in areas such as modelling, simulation and big data analytics for research-led organisations.

There will be an opportunity for one-to-one meetings with Lee and Miles after the event.

You can book yourself onto this event via newshub 

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