Managing your 2013 Registrations: 1 year to go!

31 May,Liverpool, L1 8LW

To borrow a phrase from ECHA you should "Act Now" if you need to achieve a 2013 REACH Registration. With only 365 days to go from this workshop until the next registration deadline there will be a lot you need to achieve before you can be certain that your registration will be made in time. Those who went through the process for 2010 will know that you need careful planning and communication to ensure no time is wasted.

If you are a joint registrant in a SIEF then you’ll still need to prepare your own registration dossier in IUCLID5. You’ll then need to export the dossier, submit it to ECHA through REACH-IT and pay a fee. If you need a helping hand in understanding the process and the practicalities of joint registration then this is the course for you.

This one-day workshop will deal with the following key issues:

  • Explain the principles of joint registration
  • Understand the registration process and timescales
  • Explore the relationship between the Lead Registrant’s and your own submission
  • Learn what every registrant’s dossier must contain
  • Appreciate experiences and best practice from the 2010 deadline

To do this we’ll be using a combination of teaching, demonstrations and practical exercises. There will be lots of discussion and plenty of time to question our experts and share experiences.

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