Managing REACH: Get your 2013 SIEFs moving

9 February 2012 - Runcorn, WA7 4QQ

This workshop is essential for business and regulatory managers who pre-registered substances back in 2008 and who have an obligation to register substances by June 2013. This event is for manufacturers or importers of substances in the EU or those who have been appointed as an only representative.

When you pre-registered you would have been put in an electronic Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) and for many substances with a 2013 or 2018 deadline that is where the activity stopped. Nothing has happened since, so what can you do to get things moving?

During this day delegates will find out:

  • What the implications are of being in a SIEF
  • The actions all SIEF participants need to take
  • What we can all learn from the experiences of 2010 registrations
  • What you can do to ensure your SIEF starts working now to meet that 2013 deadline

To achieve registration you will need the SIEF to operate efficiently - don't leave your company's compliance issues in the hands of others.

There is a discount for bookings made on or before 6 January. Click here for Full details and the Booking Form



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