Making Energy Improvement Decisions Better, Quicker and Easier

Tuesday 20th December (14.00 - 16.00) - Presentation Suite, Daresbury Innovation Centre

We wish to extend an invitation for you to attend a FREE seminar

What is it about?

During the seminar, you will learn why traditional energy management calculations lead to poor decision making, resulting in missed opportunities to gain maximum overall benefit.

Improved decision making is based upon factual information. It does not favour any particular type of energy improvement measure or product. It focuses on providing the maximum overall benefit. Consequently, energy and carbon objectives are reached with lower investment costs, savings in energy related costs are higher and the carbon emission reduction is greater.

You will comprehend how this system-based approach is used to analyse, compare and then select the best sequence in which to implement energy improvement measures, leading to improved decision making and greatly enhanced results.

Who should attend?

The seminar is for high energy users with an energy bill of over £250,000. If you have financial or operational involvement in your company's energy and carbon costs decision making process this FREE seminar is for you!

The seminar will include:

  •  Reasons why energy users should optimise their energy costs

  •  Flaws in traditional energy management financial calculations

  •  Benefits of adopting a collaborative approach

  •  Practical steps to manage the many energy improvement options    

  •  Simplification of timely information and output data for management review and reporting

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