Lighting Energy - Powering Light II Photovoltaic and LED lighting solutions

12th May 2011 - University of Bath 

LED and PV technologies have much in common, both are based on semiconductors, both operate at low voltage, both need high efficiency, both require initial investment with long return, both require new approaches for building integration and both will see huge growth in the next few years.
Deployed separately both PV & LEDs can have significant economic and environmental impact. However, with so many similarities, the greatest gains in the future may be found from deploying both technologies together. This event gives the perspectives of those who have pioneered combining PV and LEDs in domestic and industrial applications as well as an overview of the latest forecasts for LED and PV growth.
The stellar growth rates predicted for PV and LEDs are driven by financial incentives and improved aesthetics at least as much as they are by environmental benefit. Additional presentations will cover the impact of feed-in-tariffs on PV deployment in the UK, a view on what architectural designers are looking for from these products and possible future technology developments. 

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