Introduction to the transport of dangerous goods

Tuesday  7th December  2010. 09:30-16:00, The Heath, Runcorn

The requirements for deciding whether goods (chemical substances or mixtures or articles) are to be considered dangerous for transport, and then packaged, labelled, marked, and documented are very complex.

If you are the sender of goods this course will help you understand the requirements for classifying (i.e. deciding what is dangerous), identification (what to call it so that the emergency services may recognise the issues),  packaging (including the requirements for UN ‘Approved’ packaging in some cases), labelling (the large diamond hazard labels used by transport and recognised under the Globally Harmonised System (GHS),  marking (information identifying the goods and the package approvals) and transport documentation (also know as Dangerous Goods Notes) of such dangerous goods. 

This course is available on the following date, and can be booked through The REACH Centre website


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