Innovation & Investment for a Low Carbon Future

Fri 3rd December 2010, NEC Birmingham
A green new deal for sustainable recovery

Innovative leadership and investment can deliver solutions to the global threat of climate change generating sustainable low carbon, economic, social and environmental recovery. The conference will feature the European led DESERTEC projected to deliver 100% renewable electricity in partnership with North Africa by 2050.
It will show how retrofitting our buildings particularly 24 million homes can reduce emissions, bills, improve quality of life, and create a new green technology industry growing business, jobs and training. Decentralised energy with combined heat and power or tri-generation systems will give improved efficiency and economy of scale together with incentives of the electricity feed-in-tariff and next year heat tariff.
A low carbon transition necessitates an increasing knowledgeable society capitalising on innovation and application of smart technology delivery. Smart homes, cities and communities require smart governance, business and third sector collaboration. This parading shift requires integrating our knowledge centres of schools, further and higher education with lifelong learning to accelerate the low carbon transition.

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