Improving Business Performance 

29th February 2012 - Leeds

UK based businesses continue to operate in a fiercely competitive environment and are not helped by high material, energy and labour costs. At the same time they face extreme pressure to improve overall business performance which leads manufacturers into a series of programmes focussed on areas such as improving resource efficiency, manufacturing improvement, operating cost reductions, improved reliability, yield improvement etc.

This conference will:

− Explore the key attributes of resource efficiency and promote sharing of the lessons learned by those that have started on the continuous improvement path

− Bring together speakers from organisations that have taken a different approach to achieve a similar aim i.e. “to deliver sustained improvement and increased profitability.”

You will learn from experienced practitioners about:

− Improving resource efficiency

− How to engage your entire workforce

− Successful road maps and processes

− Requirements of leadership

− What to do and what to avoid

− Expanding production capacity

Industry leaders from companies in the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, metals, pharmaceutical, power, automotive and manufacturing industries who are looking to ensure that their improvement programmes are delivering World Class results will find this event especially beneficial.  For Booking details please contact directly.


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