The impacts of land use change: Myth or reality?

28th Jan 2010

.. but does land use change deserve its (sweepingly) negative connotations? The NNFCC are holding an event to discuss this controversial issue. NNFCC will be launching their land use project to industry, Government and the media, with support from other project consortia working in parallel areas.

The NNFCC's land use project generated some useful positive data based on changing agricultural land-use in the UK to grow annual or perennial energy crops. The impact on soil organic carbon stocks was highly positive in scenarios where cultivation became less frequent. Furthermore, greenhouse gas impact modelling was seen to be positive when both arable and livestock land were converted to energy crops. This event will highlight the outcomes of this project, in parallel with those from TSEC and RELU, offering evidence that changing land use to energy crops can have positive effects. It will also look at other projects that studied impacts on biodiversity, water and soils in more depth

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