Hazards XXI Process Safety And Environmental Protection

09 November 2009, - 12th November 2009

The theme of this symposium is process safety and environmental protection in a changing world. Globalisation is creating new supply chains, putting pressure on established companies to innovate and improve efficiency. New suppliers are emerging and expanding their operations. They need to achieve high safety and environmental standards, learning the lessons of historical failures and adapting systems and technologies to fit their different cultures and business practices. Well established industries have to adapt and evolve to meet new challenges like maintaining old plant, managing ageing workforces, introducing new technology and implementing organisational change.

Unfortunately, accidents continue to happen. Improved safety and environmental management practices are being developed in a wide range of industries in the post Buncefield and Texas City era. New laws are being proposed and implemented in response to these incidents. For example, major changes to the EU Seveso II Directive are being considered, the regulatory regime for pipelines is being revised and REACH is being implemented.

The aim of this twenty first symposium in the series is to bring together international experts and practitioners in process safety and environmental protection to present and discuss the latest technical advances and developments in safety and environmental management techniques.

Location: Weston Building, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB, UK  
Contact: mikeadams@rawgreen.fsworld.co.uk
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