Handling Suplhuric Acid: Seminar on controlling  and measuring occupational exposure

17 May, Leeds

A new Workplace Exposure Level (WEL) for sulphuric acid mist was introduced in the UK and throughout Europe on 18 December 2011.  The new WEL is to be0.05 mg/m38-hour time-waited average thoracic fraction exposure compared to the moribund 0.3 mg/m3 UK guidance level. 

New monitoring methodologies are currently being assessed but neither of them has yet been sanctioned by the Health and Safety Executive.  So for the time being, users of sulphuric acid are faced with tighter workplace exposure levels without an approved way of verifying compliance.

The purpose of the seminar is to disseminate information and guidance for industrial users of sulphuric acid.  It will also include interactive sessions so that delegates can establish how the more stringent WEL forsulphuric acid mist might impact on their own particular workplace exposure scenarios. events@cia.org.uk


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