Business resilience and risk management for a changing climate

8 February 2010

Climate change will have a significant impact upon businesses during the 21st Century. The latest research indicates that temperatures could potentially rise by around 6◦C globally with a range of impacts locally and globally, affecting how we do business in the North West and throughout supply chains across the world. In order to thrive, businesses will need to prepare for these impacts and adopt a robust process of risk management and planning.

 This workshop will:

·         Give you an overview of how future climate change impacts will affect the North West and your business.

·         Help you understand how markets will change and how the insurance industry are preparing.

·         Feature speakers from the NWDA, United Utilities, University of Liverpool, CFS and Enworks all giving their perspective on climate change and the actions they are taking.

·         Introduce you to a risk management tool, with a practical session on risk planning for your own organisation.


Please complete the attached booking form and return it to  or fax 0161 233 7778.