Black & Green? part 2 - Tools for Sustainable Formulations

10th November 2010

University of York - National Centre for Science Learning

It used to be black and white but these days in formulations it seems to be black and green. Increasing concerns over environmental Carbon Footprints and the sustainability of sourcing of raw materials has prompted interest in how technology may be applied to improve the performance of formulated products across Industries.

This is the second in a series of one day symposia organised by the RSC Formulation Science and Technology Group (  to look at the sustainability of formulations in terms of raw materials, manufacturing and formulation issues and also address how Industries can improve their Carbon Footprints by clever formulation technology.

Following on from part 1 in April, where different approaches to sustainable formulations in a diverse range of industries were highlighted, part 2 goes into more depth with a workshop on formulating using carbon footprinting, run by Intelligent Formulation (

The talks have been chosen to give both specific examples of approaches to sustainable formulation and highlight some of the general principles needed, speakers have been confirmed from AkzoNobel, GlazoSmithKline, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever, plus the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham and York.

The meeting will be of interest to a number of industry sectors: from materials science to building products, coatings, cosmetics, food science, detergents, oil and lubricants, agrochemicals, material processing industries and packaging technologists. It will be particularly relevant for those industrial and academic scientists and engineers active in the fields of solid state colloid science, soft matter colloid science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering and formulation science and technology.

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