BIO Tech - The Review and Refresh of Bioscience 2015

Date: 22 October 2009

The Government has pledged continued investment in the science sector with universities sharing over £8bn of funding, with £1.5bn set aside for research and development. Furthermore there is political pressure for a £1bn investment for scientific research, following the US example of increasing science funding during the global recession. The UK’s bioscience sector potentially holds the key to growth, prosperity and high achievement in the knowledge based industries.

BioTech 09 will offer the chance to tap into the best practice solutions to securing scientific talent, skills and development opportunities. The event will bring together the key industries, organisations and academic experts, in-a-view to ensuring the delivery of an effective and intelligent plan to develop industry needs, manage knowledge and skills networks, and turn innovative solutions into profitable commercial opportunities.

Location: Central Hall, Westminster  
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